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A Medical Rescue Kit Designed for Car Trapped Pets


When life is hanging in the balance, and you need a safe way to supply cool air and fresh water into a car FAST.

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Included in the Kit

Inside the kit are several pieces of equipment, which can be used independently or all together depending on what the situation calls for.



As dogs and cats do not sweat, they are particularly prone to overheating. Using our cooling ventilator capable of pushing over 250 CFPM  through a collapsable tip, you will be able to provide desperately needed cooling through even a tiny crack using AC-cooled air from another vehicle, dropping the internal temperature of the vehicle the pet is trapped in to safer levels fast.


Water Dispenser

Dehydration can get deadly fast in a hot environment. Having a way to deliver fresh water to an animal locked inside a heat-trapped car can immensely help lower their internal temperatures as they drink and help bring them back to stable conditions where their panting can aid in cooling them down again. If you are in for the long haul and want to supply nutrients as well, just purchase liquid dissolvable pet safe food and mix into the water.


Laser Thermometer

For those in the animal rescue industry, having a quick and easy way to determine the temperature inside a vehicle can be vital to monitoring the situation, so we’ve included a laser thermometer in the kit.


solar blockade

To prevent additional heat from getting into the vehicle and help with any direct sunlight hitting the pet we include a solar blocker that can be used to reduce light entering the vehicle.



We want you to have everything you need for a successful rescue right from the moment the kit arrives. To this end, we are including some consumables for free in the kit including gloves and tape. We are also providing a flashlight so you can still assess the situation as night approaches as heat trapped within the vehicle can still be dangerous even as night approaches.

Why a crack is not enough

Most people who leave their pet in their car will leave a window open, thinking it will be enough to cool the animal. Unfortunately, studies - like this one published in the American Academy of Pediatrics - have shown that cracking a window open has little effect on the overall rate of temperature rise inside a car. Over the course of an hour, for example, a mild 25ºC day can turn into a sweltering 50ºC inside your car, whether the window is cracked open or closed.

Think you're fast enough to beat the heat? 80% of the temperature rise inside your car happens in the first 30 minutes of shutting it off. That means a quick jaunt inside the store you expected to take 20 minutes but actually takes 30 could be putting your animal at risk.

Did you know?

Our furry friends don't sweat like we do to cool down. Instead, they use a combination of fur to keep the heat out and lay on cool surfaces to draw heat away from their body. When the temperature is to0 high and there is no cool surfaces to lay on, the only method left for them to drop their body temperature is to pant, drawing excess heat away through the water in their breath. Unfortunately, not all breeds are created equal, and for some panting is ineffective at keeping the heat at bay. On top of this, panting involves many muscles moving rapidly, which is an extra heat source to deal with compared to us humans, who can just sweat it out passively through our pores. 

Having to pant harder and harder to cool down, eventually a dog or cat will become too tired or too dehydrated, at which point their temperature will spike even faster reaching dangerous levels faster than a human in the same heat. 


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