How does it work?

To put it simply, we provide cool air to cool down a pet trapped in a car rapidly through a partially opened window. At the heart of our kit is the Air Cooler. By using a powerful fan capable of moving over 250 cubic feet of air per minute, collapsable/flexible tubing for easy setup/storage, and a specialized tip that can collapse to fit in through windows of various opening sizes, we provide a way to get cool air into a car FAST. Simply take your own vehicle and place it near the car with the trapped pet. Using the air provided from your own AC, connect our 12v adaptor into your 12v power supply. Our powerful fans can then be used to reroute the cool air from your vehicle into the parked car rapidly cooling it’s internal temperatures without any damage to the other vehicle. 

In addition to cool air, our kit can supply nutrients/water through a convenient  tubing  that can be placed through a window. It's easy to position with its ample length so you can be sure you’ll be able to reach the pet.

Why not just smash the window in?

We can understand how tempting it is to reach for drastic measures when there is a life on the line, but not all situations call for it, and in many jurisdictions you may be opening yourself up to a potential lawsuit or be liable for the price of repairs. Besides this, most times people who lock their pet in a car will do so with a partially open window, believing it will help cool their pet. While this has been shown through studies to be non-effective, it does provide an opportunity using specialized tools like ours to supply cool air, water and nutrients into the car in a non-destructive way until the car owner returns. That means no broken glass to clean up, an animal that is less stressed, and minimal risk of damage to the vehicle.

What If The Windows Are Closed?

While it's less common, sometimes you may come upon a car with a locked animal and no clear way in. For situations like this, we provide an alternative methods of entry called the door wedge. This is not included with the default kit, but is available as an add-on. We leave the use of this tool at your discretion as, if used improperly, it may cause some damage by bending the door frame permanently.

How/When do I use the door Wedge?

By supplying an inflatable ballon that can be inserted into the frame of the door of the vehicle, you can use the flexibility of the door frame to wedge a crack between the car frame and the door, just enough to use our tools to get the same supplies in as you would with an open window. These wedges are powerful tools that provide a strong force capable of flexing many doors. While this method is generally considered safe and non-damaging, over-inflating or a poorly placed wedge may cause permanent flexing to the door, so caution is advised. Depending on the design of the car, you may find the vehicle too rigid to flex enough for an opening.